Technical Information

Slow Internet Connection Issues

· If your internet connection is not good and stable as required by terms and conditions, then connection to the server might be lost, connection might be distracted and delayed and games might not function as they should. This will cause wrong results and might cause you to lose a game. All games are live and require both player to access the internet with a good connection.

· Specifically “Tetris” game, is a real time game and requires the best connection in relation with all other games which means that it is easier in this game to cause wrong results from a bad internet connection.


Game Connection Issues

· If one of the two users who are connected and playing the game for any reason close the browser, redirect to another page ,click another link or by any way loses connection to the game, they lose the game. The other user wins the game directly.

· Specifically in “Tetris” game if by any way disturb the game flow by ,clicking another window or doing another process in the computer, Browser you will lose the game. The other user will win. The only acceptable way to play the game is by clicking the play button and staying to that window until the end of the game.

Input Type of games

· Specifically in “Tetris” game the input of the computer to the game is the keyboard. Right, Left, Up Arrows.

· In all other games the Input of the game is the mouse. Specifically the left click.

· In Some of the games besides clicking, also click and drag is required

Basic Rules of all games

· In Each game the players have the same time in seconds to make their move. While that time is over then the other player’s time will start in order to make his move.


· In the games “Backgammon” and “Checkers” there is a “Lost Turn” factor which can decide a winner.


·  “Lost Turn” factor counts from 3 and when a user loses it’s turn 3 times the other user will automatically be called as winner. Each time a user loses a turn the number of “Lost Turns” will be displayed, reduced by 1. When this number goes to 0 this means the end of the game. “Lost Turns” is a security measure in order the games to be fair for both users.


· In “Battleship” Game there is a timer at the beginning of the game which is given for the users to be able and place their ships in order to start their game. If you disconnect by any way or did not place all your ships in that time period, you will automatically lose the game and the other player will be called the winner.


· In “MasterMind” game there is a timer at the beginning of each users turn and it is given in order for the users to be able to choose a combination. If you disconnect by any way you will automatically lose the game and the other player will be called the winner. If you do not choose your combination in that time period, then you lose the first game by 10 and it is time for the other user to choose his combination.


· In each game besides “Tetris” (which is a real-time game) when a player has to act, the message “IT IS YOUR TURN TO PLAY” is displayed on the top of the screen.


Technical Support Available

· Due to the nature of how our products work, there are a number of factors that may cause you to experience technical issues when accessing/navigating areas of the site or with the site’s general functionality. Possible issues could be as follows:

Display and functionality issues
Problems Depositing/Withdrawing funds
Problems logging in
Unexpected/unusual error messages
Unresponsive links

Should you experience any of the above, we have a 24hr dedicated Customer Technical Support team who will be happy to guide you through and troubleshoot any issues. You can Contact Us by Phone or Email so that we can offer additional assistance.

Minimum System Requirements


Mobile Phone/Smart phone compatibility

· Not Compatible yet.

·  Do not use the platform from mobile phones, otherwise unexpected loss will probably be expected.

Optimum Screen Resolution

· For optimal use of the products, please ensure your screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768 or above. Please refer to one of the following documents to assist you in checking and adjusting your screen resolution, if required.