Skill NOT Gamble

Skill NOT Gamble

According to the statutes of most EU countries, US and most of the countries, gambling is defined as:
risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance.

At GameGain365 we offer Games of skill only.

Is Playing Games at Legal?

These games require some software support to make them accessible and playable by many players. The establishment and operation of such software has not been a simple task. It took hours of work to create and install the software support platform and upload the above-mentioned games. This platform was named GameGain365, which is an online platform where users can create their own profiles and play with other real-time users of the same platform. Users have the choice either to play for a cash prize on their own choice, or for free. What separates GameGain365 from online betting platforms is that these games are based solely on the player's ability and skills.

What is Skill and what is its difference with gamble?
I have made a free trial of the above platform and assure that there was no element of luck but only of skill and knowledge. That is why I call it a traditional game played between and amongst players who are not in the same geographical area. The use of this platform does not require any permission from any authority in Cyprus. Furthermore, “I am aware that this issue is not specifically regulated by Cypriot law”, Stated Attorneys Petros D. Hadjisavvas and Theodoulos Montis Owner of Montis & Co Law firm in Cyprus.

While the gambling activity in Cyprus is strictly regulated and subject to licence to be issued under the provisions of the Cyprus' Betting Act 2012, the gaming described above does not fall within this category. The Cyprus Betting Act 2012 provides clarity on the nature of legal gambling activities in Cyprus and the requirements for operators looking to gain a licence to provide gambling services to customers in Cyprus. On 11 July 2012 the Cyprus parliament enacted the said Gambling Law, Law 1 06(1)/2012 ('the Gambling Law'), which legalises the provision of certain specified gambling services and criminalises all games of chance. This is the point to distinguish between the on-line games to be offered by SAVVEL-I SERVICES LIMITED which are based on skills, from the gambling activity which is purely a matter of chance and luck. The Gambling Law and the enactment of its provisions which transfer to Cyprus law the European Community act entitled "Directive 98/34/EC of the European Parliament and Council of the 22nd June 1998 laying down a procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical standards and regulations and of rules on information society services, as amended recently by Directive 2006/96/EC of the Council of the 20th November 2006 and as amended or replaced form the legal framework of the gambling activities in Cyprus and its harmonisation with the European law and EU directives. Articles 3 to 11 of the Gambling Law established a Gambling Board ('the Board') and set out its powers and duties. The Board has authority to issue licences and supervise the operators of regulated gambling services, as well to monitor and where necessary to report and combat illegal betting.

The games to be offered by the SAVVEL-I SERVICES LIMITED on-line fall outside the scope of the legal definition of the "bet": "provision of betting services" under the Gambling Act means the invitation by a person to a third person to participate in a bet, in accordance with arrangements made by such a person, while the Company will offer participation in games which require knowledge and skills and are not related to chance. The prize is due to abilities to show intellectual power and strategic thinking and is not based on pure chance. While the Gambling Law defines "winnings" as the financial reward from the bet, which is not the case of the games in subject. To illustrate the difference between betting and the games to be offered by the Company, the definition of bet is also appended here below, namely: "bet" means any type of bet carried out on sporting or other events by a number of natural persons who participate in the same, under the condition that the winnings of every player are determined by the person organising the bet, prior to or at the time of processing the bet, with reference, not only to the amount each player has paid for his participation in the bet, but also with regard to the fixed yield of the particular bet and which is carried out following a licence for a Class A or B bet, as established in the present Gambling Act.

On the contrary, the user of the games offered by the Company is given the option to either play for free, or to play using funds. If he chooses to play using funds, he will be asked to choose between seven different monetary categories (1 to 100 Euros)