According to the Regulation of Cypriot Law, in order to make sure that you continue to have full access to your account, we are required to verify that:

  • the information in your account is accurate and effective

  • your account is verified     

We would therefore like to ask you to log-in to your account and take a few minutes to check that all information is correct and updated. In the case that some of the information e.g. the telephone number or your address has changed, then, having already logged-in, please choose ‘My Profile’, to make all the necessary updates and corrections; don't forget  to click ‘Update Profile’ to save the updated information.

Once the above is completed and updated, you will have to proceed to the Account Validation Process, according to the Cypriot Law (if you have already completed the Validation Process at an earlier stage, then you will NOT need to repeat it).

In order to proceed with the Account Validation process, you will need to visit My Profile, upload the following documents (photographed or scanned):

  • A colored copy of both sides of your ID card or your passport

  • A colored copy of a recent (within the last 3 months) official document, stating your full name and your current address (eg electricity bill, water bill, phone bill, mobile or monthly bank statement).

One Last Requirement if a user exceeds the limit of 1000$ per year in deposit will be the following:

  • A scanned copy of the last 4 Digit of the user's Credit/Debit Card to in order to be able to exceed that limit.

If you require assistance or more information, please do not hesitate contact us and we will be happy to help from our website platform or customer support.