1. How can I deposit funds to my account?
     By pressing “View Dashboard” on the top right of your screen you get a list of options. Click on “My Wallet”, choose the amount of funds you wish to deposit and follow the instructions listed there.

2. Can I play games without depositing real money?
     Yes, you can play any game on the website for free! Just click on the game you want to play and choose the “FREE” option.

3. How can I withdraw funds from my wallet?
     By pressing “View Dashboard” on the top right of your screen you get a list of options. Click on “Request withdrawal”, fill in your details and withdraw the amount of funds you desire, keeping in mind that the minimum amount you can withdraw is 30€.

4. Can I keep track of my Deposit/Withdrawal activity?
     Yes, just choose the “History” tab on the “View Dashboard” section. We provide you with a detailed history of your account’s activity.

5. I can’t login to my account. What do I do?
     Just click on the “Forgot Password” option below the Password field. Type in your email address and a password reset email will be sent automatically.

6. What is the minimum amount of funds that I can deposit in my account?
     The minimum deposit limit is at 10€.

7. Can I change my password?
     Yes, just click the “View Dashboard” button on the top right of your screen and go to “My Profile”. You will see all of your personal information there. You can update most of it there.

8. What are the payments methods available for deposits?
     We offer four different payment methods for deposits. You can use “Paysafecard”, “Paypal”, Credit cards or Debit cards. You can view detailed information on the bottom right of your screen, on the “Withdrawals/Deposits” section.   

9. What payment methods does the website offer for withdrawals?
     We offer five different payment methods for deposits. You can use “Paysafecard”, “Paypal”, "Payfair Direct", Credit cards/Debit cards or Bank Wire transfers. You can view detailed information on the bottom right of your screen, on the “Withdrawals/Deposits” section.

10. Is there an age limit in order to play on your platform?
     Yes, you need to be over 18 in order to be able to use our platform.

11. How many players can play in each game?
     Each of our games can be played only by two players. You cannot play on your own or with more than 1 opponent. 

12. Which games can I play right now?
     The games available right now are “Mastermind”, “Checkers”, “Backgammon”, “Unomania”, “Chess”, “Battleship” and “Tetris”.

13. What type of verification process do you require for each user?

     Each user/account holder will be asked to provide us with:

        a copy of their country ID or Passport.

        a copy of any utility bill in their name for verification of their address.  

        a personal phone number to conduct verification over the phone or in the form of a text message.

14. Where can I find the rules of each game?

      The game rules of each game can be found on the right position of your gameplay screen while playing the game. You can also find the game rules here: https://gamegain365.com/page/game-rules

15. What is the amount of money I can play for each game?
      The different amounts you can choose from are 7. The selection order is 1,2,5,10,25,50 and 100.

16. Can I use the website on a mobile browser?
      Yes, but we strongly suggest not to. The website is mobile responsive but we recommend to wait until our mobile app launches.

17. Are there any competition fees?
      Yes, the fee is 3% from the total amount of winning in each game you compete.

18. What is the average playing time for each game?
      The average playing time depends on the game. For example, a game of “Chess” might take 20 minutes whereas “Tetris” can take 6-7 minutes at most, if you are an experienced player.

19. Can I choose my opponent?
      No your opponent is chosen randomly by our system.

20. Is there any way I can speak with my opponent while playing?
      No, we forbid any communication between the opponents while they are playing.